Monday, January 11, 2010


The Starr County Sheriff’s Department is continuing to investigate the cause and circumstances of the death of a woman whose badly decomposed body was found in the Las Lomas area on Thursday morning, Nov. 6.
Sheriff’s Department Captain Larry Fuentes declared that the decomposed body was found on the north end of Las Lomas Subidivision, in a wooded area near Doria and Garza Streets. He noted, “The body was found about 25 yards off of the roadway of Doria Street.”
Fuentes explained on Monday, Nov. 9, “At this time, all we know is that trauma to the head could be a possible cause of death. Apparently the woman had been dead for three to six weeks.”
“The body could not be identified,” he noted, “The body was wearing female underwear…The age of the victim could not be determined by the condition of the body. It will require DNA testing to identify the body.”
Fuentes indicated that the woman was pronounced dead by Justice of the Peace Ramon De La Cruz. An autopsy was performed by Elizondo’s Embalming.
Fuentes stressed that anyone with information about the woman and her death is strongly encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Department at 487-5571. All information will be kept confidential.

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