Wednesday, August 29, 2012

RGC Class of 83' Preps for Upcoming Reunion


The Rio Grande City Class of 1983 will be celebrating their 30-year High School Reunion beginning on Thursday, September 27 with Classmates participating in a parade and bomb fire. The celebration continues at  the RGC High School Homecoming football game on Friday, September 28, and picks-up the following evening with Dinner & Dance on Saturday, September 29.  Those interested in attending please call Diana Margot Garza-Garcia 956-432-3707, Maricela Estrada, 956-735-9690 or Dora Lisa Muniz 956-735-7499. The fee will be $50 per person.

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Commissioner, Roma Nutrition Center Crowns 'King and Queen'


Pct 2 Roma Nutrition Center hosted a Coronation Ball recently to honor Queen Balbina Monroy and King Alfredo Villarreal who were selected by their peers as the new royalty.  The event was attended by many senior citizens who enjoyed a great afternoon conversing with friends, dancing and having a good time  The Court included kings and queens from neighboring nutrition centers and adult day cares.  Pct. 2 Commissioner Roy Pena was honored to serve as Master of Ceremonies and had the distinction of crowning the king and queen. The function was held at the Salineno Community Nutrition Center.  Commissioner Pena would like to thank everyone who participated for making this event memorable for all.  (County of Starr Public Relations Office).

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Abel N. Gonzalez, Jr. Community Center Serves San Isidro Residents


The Abel N. Gonzalez, Jr. Community Center is utilized as a multi function center which serves San Isidro area residents.  The center is utilized during the day as a nutrition and activities center for senior citizens where nutritious meals are provided.  The center staff Irma Beltran-Site Manager and her assistant Evangelina Farias work diligently to insure everyone registered receive a meal.  They also provide different activities that are geared at keeping senior citizens engaged in manual and mind exercises for a healthier mind and body.  Pct. 4 Commissioner Ruben Saenz is happy to announce that the center is also being outfitted with about 15 computers donated by different agencies to be utilized by community members and students to access the Internet for research and school assignments.  The Rio Grande City Library donated various books that may be checked and a big screen T.V.  will  be available for visitors to see news programs when they visit. Pictured with Pct. 4 Commissioner Ruben Saenz are community leaders visiting the center.  (County of Starr Public Relations Office).

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Monday, August 27, 2012

New Freshmen Welcomed to Rattler Country


One-hundred and twenty Rio Grande City High School students were very lucky the morning of their incoming freshmen orientation this August because they received a free backpack with school supplies to begin their high school journey. In total, the school expects more than 540 freshmen to make up the class of 2016.

Students, parents and school administrators anxiously waited for the orientation to begin, launching the start of a new chapter in the lives of the students.

"I am looking forward to participating in softball, said Blessing Martinez, who is coming to RGC High from Ringgold Middle School. "It's going to be good to meet new people and prepare for college. I want to be a lawyer and high school is the foundation for that."

"I am going to participate in football and ROTC," said Sebastian Ruiz, also rising to RGC High from Ringgold Middle SchooI. " I want to be a psychiatrist and I am going to concentrate on building my math skills and studying hard."

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Grulla Fish Ready to Dive Into Big Pond


Just three months ago Grulla students wrapped up their middle school work, turning in that last paper or test. That triggered the start of a new chapter in their lives – they became “fish”. Why fish? It’s a nickname commonly used across the United States to refer to incoming high school freshmen who are new fish in a big pond. And just like their counterparts in nature, with a little help and instinct, will learn to navigate the system, grow and become models for other young fish in the future.

The 241 fish of the Grulla High Class of 2016 took the first big dive into that new pond by attending Fish Camp, otherwise known as Freshmen Orientation, at Grulla High School in mid-August. They met Principal Joel Trigo Jr., as well as members of the school’s administrative and counseling team.

“Grulla High has a great reputation of having great teachers, students and administrators,” said Trigo to the incoming freshmen. “We are excited that you will be part of our tradition.”

They learned about the student code of conduct, academic standards and testing, dual enrollment opportunities, the classes they will take in the fall, as well as the many services available to them as high school students.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

RGCCISD Welcomes New Teachers


"It is part of an old tradition," said Rio Grande City CISD Personnel Administrator Esmeralda Lopez. "Take out the district pin and put it on. Now your pinned and are part of the RGCCISD family."

Lopez was speaking to a packed room of more than 70 new teachers just beginning the adventure of a lifetime with the district. The theme of the event, and subsequently for the year at the district was the Olympics.

"Together we are all team RGCCISD and we all are going for the gold," she added, alluding to the district's high academic standards. The new teachers had a chance to meet each other, as well as those from other campuses. They heard from district leaders who welcome their new colleagues.

"It's so nice to see so many bright, cheery faces. This reminds me of Jan. 4, 1976 when I showed up to a school district to work," explained RGCCISD Superintendent Roel Gonzalez Jr. "No one welcomed me, but a principal took me into a classroom with 42 kids and those kids taught me so much. They taught me about life and how sometimes kids bring their lives to school. Sometimes we have to understand where a child is that day to teach them and get them from point 'a' to point 'b'."

Friday, August 24, 2012

Local Entities Team Up to Assists Starr Students with "Back to School" Supplies


 Mary Barrera-City of Rio Grande, Cynthia Garcia Fuentes and Judy Solis-County of Starr, Sandra Garcia and Holly Douglass Guerrero-City of Rio Grande were among the volunteers who assisted students to purchase back to school clothing and supplies.  The United Way of South Texas awarded 120 middle school students from all over the valley with $150.00 each for back to school clothing and supplies thanks to employee contributions of many individuals including employees in the County of Starr and the City of Rio Grande.  Volunteers from all over the Rio Grande Valley gathered at the Target on North Tenth on Wednesday August 15th to assist the students in making proper selection of clothing and supplies. Students were also given free haircuts by volunteers from Vogue College.  The students were very excited and eager to buy the much needed items and are now prepared to begin the new school year,  (Starr County Public Relations Office)

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Commissioner Saenz Meets with Lomas Residents, Discusses Concerns


Starr County Pct. 4 Commissioner Ruben Saenz met with the residents of Las Lomas area to listen to  their concerns on different issues.  One main concern was trash and debris illegally dumped in vacant lots and on the side of streets.  Commissioner Saenz assured the residents that he will look into the situation and work with city and county entities to find a solution to the problem.  Commissioner Saenz thanked everyone for attending and invited them to call his office or visit with him anytime that they needed his assistance.  Mrs. Blanca Juarez helped organize the meeting and was on hand to relay community issues.  (Starr County Public Relations Office).

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Operation Lone Starr Volunteers Honored with Dinner


2012 Operation Lone Star Military personnel  and volunteers were treated with a delicious dinner sponsored by the District Attorney's Office, Starr County Clerk, and Knights of Columbus Members in appreciation for assisting the residents with much needed medical assistance.

Operation Lone Star was held on July July 23 - 27, 2012 at the Ringgold Middle School and served about 800 persons. The Operation is a joint exercise of State Health and Human service agencies, Texas Military Forces, County Health and Human Services and other entities. All organizations work together to bring free medical services to under-served communities along the Texas border. Some of the services provided free of charge were immunizations for children, diabetic screenings, blood pressure screening, hearing and vision exams, sports physicals and much more. The operation is made possible with the help of hundreds of local service groups and volunteers

Pictured with District Attorney Heriberto Silva are State Representative Ryan Guillen, Knights of Columbus Grand Knight Oscar Guerra,  Lt Commander Bogard, Lt Commander Mulligan, 1st Sgt Pooser, Chief Medical Officer Colonel Bower, Incident Commander Mauro Ruiz, Major William Bohl, Texas Military Forces Evaluator, Knight of Columbus Members, OLS coordinator Sylvia Garza. Special thanks to the Knights of Columbus members, District Attorney's office, and County Clerk's office. Belinda Trevino-Crime Victims Coordinator and Stephanie Ortiz-Deputy Court Clerk. (Starr County Public Relations Office)

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Commissioner's Efforts Yields New Home for Local Disaster Relief Funds Recipients


Commissioner Roy Pena and Judge Eloy Vera presented homeowners Max and San Juanita Gutierrez with the keys to their brand new home.  The Gutierrez family was eligible to receive Disaster Relief Owner-Occupied Housing Assistance Program funds.

Commissioner Pena and his staff worked diligently  to bring the property up to par so that the construction could take place.  Commissioner Pena and his staff take great pride in the completion of all of their projects.
Pictured left to right; Starr County Judge Eloy Vera, Commissioner Pct. 2-Roy Pena, Homeowners Max and San Juanita Gutierrez, Olga Bazan -Starr County Federal Programs Office, Connie Cantu-Starr County Federal Programs Office, David Reyna-Reyna Construction,  (Starr County Public Relations Office)

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Local Law Enforcement Tours Forensic Unity Facility


Starr County Sheriff's Investigators Marcos Rios and Leonel Alvarez were joined by Rio Grande City Police Lt. Elizandro Bermudez, Detective Santiago Alaniz and Mayor Ruben Villarreal at Mission Hospital for a guided tour of the Forensic Program area. Evonne L. Garza, RN,CA/CP SANE Program Coordinator guided the congregation through the unit so that they could see the technology in place at the hospital that is utilized to asses rape victims. The unit is equipped to take all necessary precautions to expedite investigation aspects in a minimal amount of time. The hospital's unit is available 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. The victims are able to have all of the medical treatments performed immediately including DNA collections and all other assessments needed for court evidence.  The unit also allows for a more private setting for victims during time of duress. Pictured left to right Investigator Leonel Alvarez, Mayor Ruben Villarreal, Detective Santiago Alaniz, Investigator Marco Rios, and Lt. Elizandro Bermudez. (Starr County Public Relations Office).

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Four Starr County Employees Graduate from Police Academy


In a ceremony held at Mario's Banquet Hall in Mission Texas, on August 2, 2012, Four (4) Starr County Employees graduated from the the LRGVDC Police Academy Class #155 Pictured with Sheriff Rene Fuents left to right are Justin Falcon-Starr County Detention Center, Carla Lozano-Starr County Detention Center, Maida Garza-Starr County Human Resources Office, Leonel Garza-Starr County Federal Programs Office.  All of them are employed full time and attended the police academy in the evenings. Several other Starr County Residents also received their Peace Officers Certificate that night. They are all commended for their accomplishments and for demonstrating that a dream can become a reality with hard work and dedication. (Starr County Public Relations Office).

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

RGV Independent Film Premieres this Saturday in Mission


Rio Grande Valley independent filmmaker Knives Monroe will debut his film 'Her Doppelgänger' at a "one-night only" premier event this Saturday, August 18, 2012 at the historic Border Theater in Mission Texas.

The film's plot revolves around twin sisters Miandra and Melissa, and their conflict associated with the eating disorder bulimia. "I made this movie for women." states Monroe . "I made this movie for a subculture of women who are battling a specific eating disorder (bulimia) because they've never had a movie to call their own that talks about the subject matter clearly and truthfully. I hope this movie provides them with a voice, because they are voiceless."

The showing will begin at 7:15 p.m., and admission will be $7, per adult. Children under 12-years of age will be granted free admission.

Film Synopsis
Bulimia. It consumes mind, body, and soul. A story of twin sisters. Miandra, no longer able to cover-up her haunting secret, and Melissa who protects her sister’s secret at all costs. What happens when a lie becomes the only truism in their lives? If less is more, then nothing is everything. Her Doppelgänger is a film about the depth of burdens, the scars the word ugly leaves behind, and the courage it takes to endure the punishment you don’t deserve.
Film Cast
Perla Rodriguez, Celeste Loya, Edward Cantu, Rodrigo Tello, Elizabeth Ezry, Eric Stone, Lassiter Holmes
Directed by
Knives Monroe
Suitable for general audience, parental guidance suggested (filmmaker implied)

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Villarreal Recognized for Years of Outstanding Service


Starr County Sheriff Rene Fuentes and staff presented Elias Villarreal with a plaque in commemoration of his 22 years of service at the Starr County Detention Center.  Sheriff Fuentes commended Elias for his hard work and dedication and for assisting Captain Romeo Ramirez to insure that the detention center be in compliance with Texas Jail Certification Standards.  His professionalism and attention to detail have earned him the respect and admiration of his peers. "We wish you a happy retirement" said Sheriff Fuentes as he presented the plaque to him during a reception held to honor him.  Elias has been married to Becky Villarreal for 40 years and they have two sons Elias Villarreal Jr., and Luis Carlos (Liza).  Elias' pride and joy are his grandchildren Isaac Jacob, Luis Carlos Jr., and Lexis Briana Villarreal.  Mr. Villarreal will now have more time to enjoy his hobby of riding his horse and spending time in his ranch surrounded by his family.  Starr County Judge Eloy Vera was at hand to thank Elias for a job well done. Pictured Left to right Guillermo (Willie) Pena-Chief Deputy, Starr County Judge Eloy Vera, Elias Villarreal, Starr County Sheriff Rene Fuentes and Starr County Detention Center Captain Romeo Ramirez, Jr.  (Starr County Public Relations Office)
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Starr County Olympian Honored with Key-to-City, Street Naming


The sound of Rio High School and Grulla High School  Bands, a lit scoreboard with video and live images playing, cheerleaders dancing, the angelic sound of Stephanie Rodriguez as she sang the National
Anthem, about 1300 fans and volunteers cheering added to the excitement of the event honoring Olympian Stephen Saenz on Thursday night. An awe from the audience could be heard as Stephen walked in with grandeur and poise to filled stadium.  The memory of this night will forever be embedded in the minds of all who attended. "What an honor to be standing next to him" said a mother to her children as she waited for him to autograph their program.  Indeed what an honor to see this young man who has accomplished what most just dream. To witness his humility and pride in talking to each and every person that wanted to take a picture with him and get his autograph. Stephen spoke from his heart as he encouraged the young children and teens to dream big and work hard to achieve it because nothing worthwhile comes easy was the message he relayed.  Stephen said "there's always that someone out there working harder than everyone else...I want to be that person".

Monday, August 13, 2012

Starr County Pct. 4 Nutrition Center Provides Meals for Senior Citizens


The Nutrition Center located in San Benito Street next to the Starr County Fairgrounds serves nutritious meals for  senior citizens who reside in Pct. 4.  The center also provides several types of educational and entertainment activities geared at providing the attendees with a place to go and feel right at home. Commissioner Ruben D. Saenz, Judge Eloy Vera, Center Director Tina Saenz and the center staff invite other senior citizens in Pct. 4 to visit the center at anytime.  Persons wishing to attend the center please contact Pct. 4 personnel at 500 N. Britton Avenue or call (956) 487-2922 for details on how to enroll.  (Starr County Public Relations Office)

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Local Boys and Girls Club Performed the 'Beauty and the Beast'


The Boys and Girls Club members performed their rendition of "Beauty and the Beast"  on Saturday July 28 2012 at the Francisco "Paco" Zarate Fine Arts Center.  Mayor Ruben Villarreal Opened the night with acknowledgments and asked all of the parents to stand to be recognized, he also introduced Mrs. Dina Garcia- BGC Director who briefly discussed the activities and projects that the kids worked on at the Boys and Girls Club.  Mr. Ramon Galvan-BGC President spoke of the role that the directors play and how he is so proud to be part of an organization that helps kids to shine.  Marcus Villarreal asked the audience to relax, sit back and enjoy the play.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Starr County Historical Society Continues Efforts to Build Museum


 The Starr County Historical Society held their monthly meeting on Friday, July 20, 2012 at the Starr County Annex.  The members are working diligently on a plan to acquire land to to build a museum.  Starr County is situated in an area with enormous historical wealth and the museum will serve as an  informational venue for future generations to learn about their ancestors and their traditions and much more.  (County of Starr Public Relations Office).

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Judge, Sheriff Welcome Operation Lone Star Organizers


Judge Eloy Vera and Sheriff Rene Fuentes visited with Operation Lone Star Organizers and were very pleased to see that many residents participated in this event. Operation Lone Star was held on July July 23 - 27, 2012 at the Ringgold Middle School and served over 800 persons.  The Operation is a joint exercise of State Health and Human service agencies, Texas Military Forces, County Health and Human Services and other entities to prepare for disasters.  All organizations work together to bring free medical services to under-served communities along the Texas border.  Some of the services provided free of charge were immunizations for children, diabetic screenings, blood pressure screening, hearing and vision exams, sports physicals and much more. The operation is made possible with the help of hundreds of local service groups and volunteers.  Judge Vera would like to thank everyone who volunteered in this very worthwhile cause and also commends all of the organizers for a job well done.  (Starr County Public Relations Office)

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Paranormal Experts Produce Documentary on Local Real-Life “Haunted House”


On July 28, 2012, a Harlingen based paranormal investigation team known as 'Graveyard Shift Paranormal' led by Dan and Connie LaFave, conducted an investigation inside Rio Grande City's La Borde house, to explore what is responsible for countless stories of unexplained phenomenon reportedly accruing within the building throughout recent history.

Joining the team was Rio Grande City native Jay Villarreal, who has been actively investigating the world of the paranormal for over ten-years. “ After the death of my grandfather I began to get curious about life after death, and started to get more in depth with the paranormal. As a kid, I would walk around Fort Ringgold, and [Starr County] cemeteries with a tape recorder, and a microphone, and have EVP sessions in such areas. I didn't know that there were people like me out there and soon after moving to San Antonio, I found a group of people that had similar experiences, and had the same hunger for knowledge about the paranormal as I did. We formed a paranormal group and started our search for the unknown, and with years of investigations, we became more knowledgeable and more experienced in this field of study.” states Villarreal. Also participating in the investigation was local television affiliate Telemundo 40.

The investigation's team leader Dan LaFave is no stranger to paranormal activity, as the founder of 'Graveyard Shift Paranormal Investigations' he has investigated, and researched the paranormal/supernatural world for over 13 years. He entered into the world of the paranormal for several reasons during his lifetime, including very strong paranormal experiences he had while visiting historical haunted sites. He has previously served in the United States Air Force, and has been featured on countless radio, and TV interviews regarding the paranormal. Along with various TV, and film projects, he is the author of "Shadow of the Ghost Hunter" which was released in March of 2012. Dan and his team made their first documentary film, "Raising the Ghosts of Yorktown" in 2009.

The investigation was documented on video, and will be available for viewing on YouTube thanks to the efforts of independent film-producer Alejandro Dominguez (The Dead Explorer). The investigation is a follow-up to a similar investigation conducted by Villarreal almost five-years ago, “Having better equipment now, and a group of experienced techs (Jerry and Harvey) we were able to capture much more activity and we are happy to share this with everyone.” states Villarreal.

Ronald McDonald to Visit RGC Public Library Today!


Ronald McDonald continues his quest to help kids lead happy, active lives with his new show; "A Friendship Adventure with Ronald McDonald” at the Rio Grande City Public Library, August 9th at 11:00am. This show is all about reading, character, giving back to the community, friendship, anti-bullying and active play. Ronald takes his audience on this adventure through music, magic, games and improvisation.  Endorsed by kids and parenting expert and author, Dr. Michele Borba, “A Friendship Adventure with Ronald McDonald” is a fun and magical show geared towards elementary grade children. RGC Public Library is located at 591 E Canales (3rd) St. You may also call 956-487-4389 for more information.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Joe R. Sanchez Stadium Now Features New High-Tech Score Board


The Rio Grande City CISD Athletic Department is thrilled to announce that they have installed a new state of the art scoreboard at Joe R. Sanchez stadium.  The district along with the Athletic Department worked diligently in order to assure that the installation was completed before the new football season.

This new scoreboard is not only the largest in Rio Grande Valley but also the third largest in Texas measuring 73 feet wide and 42 feet tall and has several spaces for advertising for any interested business. The scoreboard also features a digital screen that will allow for instant replays and to feature commercials.  The four full color ad displays for advertisements (2-6x8 and 2- 4x12) are located on the sides and lower part of the digital screen.

The proceeds collected from the sponsorships will generate the revenue to pay all expenses of the scoreboard. If there is any business that is interested in advertising during the football games this is your opportunity to participate. We thank our sponsors in advance for their commitment to the Rio Grande City CISD!