Sunday, March 21, 2010


At their regular monthly meeting on Monday morning, March 8, the County Commissioners discussed two viable options for financing of the upcoming solid waste transfer station.

Federal/State Programs Coordinator Rafael Montalvo stated, “Our depository has indicated verbally that they are willing to provide a loan at 3.25 percent interest. There are strong loan possibilities from NADBANK; they’ve expressed willingness to reimburse a CD loan.”

County Judge Eloy Vera suggested, “Borrowing the money is the fastest route. Hopefully we can be reimbursed. Our I&S Fund is sufficient to cover repayment without any tax increase.”

Montalvo explained, “Our depository is willing to do 100 percent financing.”

The commissioners then approved seeking a construction loan from Lone Star Bank, with the understanding that a NADBANK loan or grant would be the primary mechanism if it comes through, even at a late stage.

Elections Administrator Montalvo told the commissioners, “Today, provisional ballots (from the March 2 elections) will be counted. It’s up to the Elections Board to decide how many votes will be counted.”

He added, “There will be one runoff, in a J.P. race. There will be one early voting site and one election day site, since there are no statewide runoffs.”

The commissioners were told that International Bridge revenues for February 2010 totaled $187,354.50, a decrease of $26,805.50 from the February 2009 figure of $214,160. The February 2010 amount showed a decrease of $23,476 from the January 2010 total of $210,830.50.

Judge Vera emphasized, “We’ll just have to weather the storm (caused by violence in Mexico).”

The Sheriff’s Department reported that Detention Center revenues for February 2010 totaled $115,011.54, with $103,488 coming from the U.S. Marshals Service. On Monday, March 8, there were 124 federal inmates and 104 county inmates for an overall count of 228 inmates.

Vera noted, “I did notice there was a small increase in federal inmates.”

The commissioners approved a proclamation from Border Region MHMR proclaiming “Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month” in Starr County.

The commissioners approved a resolution that the Crime Victim Assistance Program continue to be operated in Starr and Jim Hogg Counties in 2010-2011.

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