Thursday, April 8, 2010

RGCCISD Opens Its Doors to a New High School in the Fall 2010

Rio Grande City CISD will open the doors to its second high school in August of 2010 in the Grulla area. The students attending the 3A high school will be known as the RGCCISD Grulla High School Gators. The state of the art facility is most impressive and its hilltop design purposely selected to capture astounding views from the north and south.

The campus will have some extremely unique features in the design that will enhance and add focus to this location. The tall cylindrical building elements that have been incorporated will be the focal points of the campus. In addition to the hilltop location the surrounding vegetation is also being used to allow the natural beauty of the countryside to come through and coexist with the buildings.

The buildings are strategically placed to form a central courtyard that will be utilized by the students during their lunch time. The seven buildings that are part of the campus will house different disciplines. A main entry area unites the Entry, Administration and Library (the Library has a bowed Circulation Desk, carpeted and hardwood floors, high sloped ceilings, large windows to the north and south sides, and a 86 person Lecture Hall with fixed Seating).

One of the highlights of the campus is a Planetarium with 48 person seating that includes a Science Lab that is TEKS aligned and to be used by all the students in the district. This is all part of a plan to be able to expose our students to state of the art facilities, programs and technology in order to prepare them for a competitive world.