Thursday, May 20, 2010

STC Starr County Campus celebrates DEMSA grads

2010 STC Starr County DEMSA graduates receive recognition at a special end of year event
at the STC campus. From left front are Christopher Patino, Jose Luis Garcia, Pedro Lozano, 
Briseida Maldonado, Nallely Garcia and Jessica Garza. From left back are Yahaira Fernandez, Jacquelin 
Cuellar, Melissa Trevino, Gloria Gonzalez, Alyssa Ramos, Arianna Vazquez, Kimberly Alaniz, 
Yvonne Garza, Danyka Garza, Stacey Garcia and Brittany Gonzalez.

South Texas College’s Starr County Campus Dual Enrollment Medical Science Academy (DEMSA) students were recognized for their efforts recently at the 11TH Annual STC Starr County Campus Recognition Celebration. The celebration recognized the hard work of 18 high school seniors from Roma and Rio Grande City school districts. Out of the 18 graduates, 13 were awarded scholarships to help further their educations.          

“I am very proud of myself for winning more than $20,000 in scholarships because the money is going to play a crucial role in helping me earn my physical therapy assistant degree,” said DEMSA Graduate Kim Alaniz, who is a student at Roma High School.

The students earned associate of science degrees in biology weeks before earning their high school diplomas.

“It feels great knowing that I am finishing high school one big step closer to later earning my bachelor’s degree,” said Arianna Vazquez, a graduating DEMSA student.

Any high school student attending classes in Rio Grande City or Roma high schools is eligible for the program, but must be ready to take on rigorous academic work, in addition to continuing extracurricular activities and home life responsibilities. And juggling all these endeavors can be quite challenging.

“It can be very difficult at times, but I try not to think of the present; I think about the future and what all the hard work will bring,” said Jose Luis Garcia, program graduate. 

“We are very proud of our DEMSA graduates in Starr County because many of them didn’t think this kind of achievement was possible,” said Lupe Chavez, director of high school programs for STC. “Starr County students helped STC launch its dual enrollment academies and the courage and dedication all participants and their families have shown is tremendous. They paved the way for others across the Valley and showed them what real hard work looks like. I congratulate all our academy graduates.”

The 18 students are all bound to continue their educations at colleges across the state including The University of Texas-Pan American, Texas State University, and Texas A&M International University.

For more information about STC’s DEMSA, or other high school programs available through the college, contact Lucia Salinas at 956-447-1274 or at

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