Monday, June 14, 2010

Top Students Honored at Banquet

Rio Grande City CISD, Superintendent Mr. Roel A. Gonzalez, honors the Top Ten Percent of the Class of 2010 at the Club at Cimarron.  Mr. Serapio Triyalles served as Master of Ceremonies for this event which was geared at honoring the accomplishments of the students.  Mr. Jorge Recio welcomed everyone and thanked the parents for contributing to the success of the students.  The invocation was recited by Jennifer Diaz  who asked for higher guidance for continued success.  Christina Amador and Heriberto Montalvo lead with the pledge to the U.S. Flag and Texas Flag.

Anabel Rodriguez introduced the guest speaker for the ceremony, Miss Gema Lucia Lopez, who is a local attorney and a Rio Grande City High School Alumni.  Miss Lopez captivated the audience with words of wisdom and encouragement.  She asked the students to remember three very important points in life.  "Be true to yourself and your dreams, be aware of the consequences of your decisions and  value your friends and family," she said.

Miss Lopez spoke of the hardships and battles of attending a post secondary school and recounted her own trials as a law student, but was quick to point out that with hard work and determination anything is possible.  Her humble and sincere words resonated throughout the hall as though her words were reaching the very core of everyone present. She beamed with pride crediting her family and especially her father for having instilled in her that she could achieve what she set out to do. 

Students fixed their eyes on the eloquent speaker who's success is a testament to the spirit of Rio Grande City High School students.  Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Roel Gonzalez, welcomed the students and parents to this momentous occasion and asked the students to think of their lives as a blank canvas in which they should create a great masterpiece with bright bold colors. 
"When you go out Saturday evening, I want to leave you with the following thoughts of your life ahead of you... This is my canvas what shall I be, this is my canvas and nobody else's, " he said.

Fidencio Guerra III, who imparted the following words of wisdom, "we are angels with one wing and we can only fly embracing one another." He then presented the audience a slide show filled with photos, memories and future plans.   Mrs. Jessica Vera Rios presented Mr. Jorge Recio-Rio Grande City High School Principal with a plaque in appreciation for his guidance on behalf of the students and the Counseling Department Staff.

Closing Remarks were made by Jose Arcellana who touched everyone with his heartwarming words as he asked students to remember their accomplishments and cherish all that is important to each and every one of them. Justin Ortega followed with the Benediction in which he asked students to always remember that they are the best of the best. Ediel Saenz and Jessica Guerrero then lead everyone in the Alam Mater. The evening culminated with students and parents congratulating one another and talking about their future goals.  (RGCCISD Photo).

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