Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Local Eatery Re-Opens its Doors

After being closed for almost a month due to remodeling, Rio Grande City's McDonald's restaurant re-opened its doors this past weekend to what local college student Albert Escobar described as "very happy customers". "In this economy, their (McDonald's) dollar menu is pretty much all a college kid that just spent thousands on tuition, and books can afford".


  1. Really? This is why obesity is such an epidemic. Instead of relying on Dollar Menu....go to HEB and grab some apples, bananas, and veggies. For $2, you can get 2 bananas, 2 apples, yogurt, and fresh carrots. This is way healthier than eating $2 worth of food from McDonalds. I worked 2 jobs in college and worked full time to put myself through graduate school. I'd rather spend my $2 on something healthy than add fat to my belly.

  2. Hey Anonymous, Thanks for pointing out the young college student's flaws, and basically calling him (and all the good people that eat at McDonald's) fat and lazy. Obviously, he was talking about getting a burger on his lunch break with his friends everyone once in a while, and not about his daily diet.