Thursday, April 14, 2011

RGC Road Work Completed Ahead of Schedule

AUSTIN–Rio Grande City has completed reconstruction projects on two roads damaged by Hurricane Dolly ahead of schedule and in time for the approaching storm season.  Charco Blanco Road and N. Old El Sauz Road are now less likely to flood during a severe storm, thanks to improvements funded by a disaster recovery grant for $117,928 from the Texas Department of Rural Affairs (TDRA).

“Both citizens and emergency personnel will have more dependable access in the future,” said Howard G. Baldwin, Jr., interim executive director of TDRA. “Having these two roads stay open during an emergency will be very important.”
The City began construction on February 7 of this year and completed the projects in March, two months ahead of schedule. Sections of both roads were rebuilt with stronger foundations to better withstand severe flood events.  Construction on Charco Blanco Road was located between W. Ramirez Street and Fairview Avenue. Construction areas on N. Old El Sauz Road were located from Jasper to Huisache streets, from Cenizo to Austin streets, and from Palma to Retama streets.

When Hurricane Dolly hit Texas on July 23, 2008, parts of Charco Blanco Road and N. Old El Sauz Road were submerged by flood waters that overwhelmed the existing drainage system, making the roads inaccessible for residents and emergency responders during the storm and for days after.  

TDRA’s disaster recovery program is supplying funding for more than 2,200 individual construction sites from the Rio Grande Valley to East Texas. Projects include flood control, road repair and water system rehabilitation, as well as more than 800 emergency generators at shelters, water/wastewater facilities and emergency management and medical facilities.

TDRA has oversight of US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) disaster recovery funding for the non-housing portion of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) disaster recovery funds. For more information, visit TDRA online at

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