Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Local Agent Offers Advise on Lawn Fertilization

“First Thing You Should Know About Fertilizing Your Lawn”
How do I know that my lawn needs fertilizer?

The best way to determine if your lawn requires certain plant nutrients is to get the soil tested. Soil test forms and instructions are available through your local County Extension Office or can be found by visiting http://soiltesting.tamu.edu/ (the Texas A&M Soil Testing Laboratory). Obtaining a soil test is easy and inexpensive. The results returned to you will include recommendations on the amounts of plant nutrients that would be beneficial to your lawn. Soil tests determine the amount of nutrients in the soil available for plant use. Nutrients found in high to very high amounts need no additional application. Nutrients found to be deficient in the soil will result in a recommendation that fertilizer containing those nutrients be applied.
Annual Nitrogen Fertilizer Programs
For Texas lawns it would be appropriate to apply low annual rates of Nitrogen (N) once in the spring and, if needed, again late season, no later than six weeks before expected frost. Split fertilizer applications are recommended. Moderate and high annual N programs will likely require additional supplemental N applications.

For more information about fertilizing your lawn please contact Ronnie Zamora, Extension Agent CEP-AgNR at (956) 487-2306.

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