Friday, October 7, 2011

RGCCISD Grulla Gators Win Homecoming Game

RGCCISD Grulla Gators victorious over MMA on Friday, September 30, 2011 with a score of 56 to 7. The Gators took control early and continued to dominate the game throughout the night. The team celebrated their homecoming game with a big victory. Although the Gators have a young team, they have demonstrated to be united and are on the road to success. Congratulations on a job well done to the Gators and their coaches! (RGCCISD Photo).

A multitude of community supporters came out to cheer the RGCCISD Grulla High School Gators on Thursday, September 29 for the Homecoming Parade and Bonfire The Gators played against the Marine Military Academy (MMA) on Friday for their Homecoming game. Mr. Joel Trigo-Principal for RGCCISD Grulla High School welcomed all of the supporters, administration, parents and students to the festivities.

To kick off the program the Grulla High School Mariachi Band played a selection for the team members. The roaring crowd was filled with enthusiasm as different groups went up to cheer for the team. Performing for team members were the Grulla Mighty Band, Cheerleaders, Drill Team and the Grulla Gator Mascot.

Football Head Coach Abel Gonzalez gave the players a pep talk to encourage them to go out and do their very best. The team captains for the game are; #20-Raymond Garza, #1-Jose (Cheeto) Martinez, #63-Mark Chapa, #8-Hector Villarreal, #28-Rosbel Ramirez and #52-Juan Villarreal. All the captains were introduced and also addressed the players with encouraging words. The team huddled and cheered as if preparing for a play. Christian Eguia Gator #23 lead the players with a Rap song and dance.

Mr. Joel Trigo addressed the players with words of wisdom and emphasized that grades and school performance are of the utmost importance. He also encouraged them to do what they loved the most which is p
laying football. Trigo feels so appreciative with the support that is given to his school and his Gators by the whole community.

Community Supporters Mr. Oscar Garcia and Mrs. Sandra Martinez presented Coach Abel Gonzalez with a Gator Banner. The Homecoming Court was recognized was also recognized before culminating with the lighting of the traditional opposing team mascot and the singing of the Grulla Alma Mater. (RGCCISD Photo).

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