Friday, November 4, 2011

2011 - 2012 Slate of Club Officers for Rattlers 4H

Elected officers are an important part of the leadership team in the local 4H Club.  Serving as officers helps members develop leadership skills as they perform the duties required.

The success is the club meetings and the club itself depends on leadership from effective each year.

The club electing their officers serves several purposes for its members:

•Learn about and participate in elections
•Learn to be responsible to their group, develop leadership skills, and practice basic parliamentary procedure.
•Establish ownership in their club meetings

We wish to congratulate the 2011 – 2012 Slate of Club Officers for Rattlers 4H.  They are as follows:

President: Matthew Gonzalez, 11th at Rio High School
Vice-President: Juan A. Rosa, 11th at Rio High School
2nd Vice-President: Dario Leal, 10th at Rio High School
3rd Vice-President: Oscar Mariscal, 10th at Roma High School
4th Vice-President: Garrett Gonzalez, 9th at Rio High School
5th Vice-President: Valerie Barrera, 9th Rio High School

Treasurer: Sasha V. Guerra, 8th at Veteran Middle School
Secretary: Kimberly Perez, 10th at Rio High School
Parliamentarian: Kasey Barrera, 8th at Veterans Middle School
Reporter: Hilary A. Barrera, 7th at Veterans Middle School
Club delegates: Ethan Anderson, 7th at Veterans Middle School
Sarah Mariscal, 6th at Ramiro Barrera Middle School

In addition we congratulate the parents and club members who support the club throughout the year.  The Rattler 4H Club manager Mrs. Emiliana Guerra who had a band of 4H Volunteers who train, conduct teach and fund raise for the club.  If anyone is interested in the Starr County 4H program please contact the Extension office 956-487-2306.  

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