Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Local College Offers One-Month Tech Certification

By: Pete Pompa, STC Information Technology Instructor
Did you ever think you could be a college graduate after just one semester? Well it’s possible with South Texas College’s Electronic and Computer Maintenance Technology Program, which is offering a one-semester technical certificate called Computer and Internet Specialist. And it’s available to earn at STC’s Starr County Campus in Rio Grande City.

The certificate provides students with the knowledge needed to succeed in environments that require the use of computers and the Internet. Graduates will be instantly recognized as someone with the critical entry-level skills needed to effectively use the latest computer and Internet technology to achieve business objectives, expand productivity, improve profitability, and provide a competitive edge.
After successful completion of the four required courses, graduates will be knowledgeable in computer hardware, software, operating systems, computer networking, as well as basic concepts in word processing applications, spreadsheets, presentation software, Internet and electronic mail. The certificate provides the groundwork necessary to pursue advanced certifications that will elevate productivity in the workforce.

Also, the certification is a great starting point for graduates to continue their education to earn additional certificates, an associate degree and eventually a bachelor’s degree.

STC’s Electronic and Computer Maintenance Department is currently working in partnership with local school districts to offer the certificate through dual enrollment, giving high school students the opportunity to earn a college certificate while they are still working to complete their high school diploma.

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