Monday, April 2, 2012

Academy set to graduate more than 100 young leaders

South Texas College’s Student Leadership Academy kicked off its spring semester recently. The SLA was launched in fall 2005 and the first graduation was held in May 2006 with 17 graduates. Since then, the number of graduates has grown every year.

“All students are encouraged to join SLA, but there are pre-registration applications to be filled out,” said Armando Ponce, STC coordinator of student activities. “Students have the opportunity to attend leadership workshops given by influential leaders at no cost.

“This is a great tool for students to develop their skills from networking to speech,” he continued. “They can learn in a safe and friendly environment. Our students are the world leaders of tomorrow and at STC we are giving them the skills they need to succeed in their future careers. We are very excited about the academy this spring because we are set to graduate more than 100 students from the program.”

STC’s SLA offers interactive workshops that help students enhance their vocal and speech skills. Students are encouraged to interact with each other and participate in round table discussions.

“Community service is another big focus of the academy,” continued Ponce. “We require participating students to perform at least 20 hours of community service. We have found that once they get that service bug in their blood it is infectious and they end up participating in many more events beyond their time in the program. It’s all about fostering motivation, drive, determination and excellence – values we hope to instill in all STC students.”

Word about the value of the academy has gotten around the college’s campuses and students are excited about the opportunity, even some dual enrollment students.

“I am currently in STC’s Dual Enrollment Medical Science Academy and as someone who is very involved in my high school community at Roma High School, I wanted to participate in this academy to get to know people at STC and learn some new skills,” said 16 year old Melissa Garza. “I really enjoy being a leader and I am very excited about what I will learn. I know it will help me in the future.”

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