Saturday, May 12, 2012

Roque Guerra Jr. Elementary Holds Autism Awareness Program

Roque Guerra, Jr. Elementary School holds "Roping Autism Awareness" as a culmination to a month long National Autism Awareness Month.  The program began with a welcome by the school's principal Mrs. Virginia Gonzalez who was elated to see so many parents at this program.  Mayor Ruben Villarreal presented the school with a proclamation for Autism Awareness Day.  The Mayor congratulated the students, parents and others that were present in this event.  Villarreal said "the word for today will be happiness" because we should be  happy that a school has implemented such an outreach to educate students, parents and the community on autism.

Dr. Daria Babineaux made a special presentation to demonstrate how children with autism hear and see things.  She said that together as a community we can help children to fit in.  Dr. "B" hopes that as it becomes known that awareness meetings such as this can help to insure more people are aware of how special this children are.  Students Joshua Marroquin and Horacio Castillo recited poems that depict how individuals with autism are made to feel and just want to be made to feel like they belong. The All Starr Students performed a dance to the delight of the audience.

Pedro Saenz a 21 year old graduate from San Isidro High School spoke of his success as an autistic person.  His mother spoke of her ordeal when her son was diagnosed at 2 1/2 years of age and how proud she is of him for having overcome many challenges in his life.  She urged everyone to have patience and perseverance with these special individuals because the outcome can be wonderful.

All Star Teacher Ms.Viola Guerra commented that this children are honest, fair and very loving and have a great deal to teach us. The All Starr Teachers presented the following awards to the students for outstanding achievement in the different categories; Math Award-Maurilio Benavidez, Fluent Reader Award-Joshua Marroquin, Best Artist Award-Daniel Camarillo, Computer Whiz Award-Amy Benavidez, High Achiever-Horacio Castillo, Scientific Award-Oscarlos Lozano, Journalism Award-Janelly Garcia, Spelling Bee Award-Alexander Oropeza, Composer (Music) Award-Derek Ramirez, Creative Award-Alexander Reyna, Great Observer Award-Miguel Chapa, and Most Friendly Award-Mario Rincon.

After the program ended everyone was invited to meet with different agencies such as, Bounce Back Therapy, Bright Star Therapy, Border Region MHMR, R.G.C.C.I.S.D. ADOS team, and the Pediatric Care Center that were available to facilitate information. Mrs. Virginia Gonzalez-Principal and her staff together with the All Star Teachers, Mrs. Blanca Alaniz, Mrs. Lupita Garza, Ms. Viola Guerra, Mrs. Betsy Barba and support staff would like to thank everyone who attended this program for taking the time to honor the school's All Star Students with their presence.  (RGCCISD Public Relations).

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