Monday, July 2, 2012

Chance 2 Be Program Announces Graduate, Arturo Montes

Arturo Montes the 7th person to finish all the requirements for graduation through the Chance 2 Be Program recently celebrated his accomplishement. " May is a bittersweet time of the year for me. It’s a time where my fellow classmates and I celebrate the end of an academic year and move on to much greater things like college. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t all so simple to get here," said Montes.
He continues by making the following statements, During the year I was faced with many obstacles like not being able to sleep or eat properly. I couldn’t seem to focus in class anymore and failed to do the daily activities I was so used to doing. I was devastated and stopped going to school completely.
I was relieved when I came in contact with Chance 2B, a place that allowed me to do things at my own pace and bend my schedule to where I could finish all my school work and repair all my pesky disorders. Finally Lady Luck was looking my way. I had enough time to finish my required lessons and obtain my old self again.
I am grateful that I will be able to walk with all my peers in graduation and thankful for the wonderful opportunity Chance 2B gave me. The community should surely recognize this facility as a place where they should go to if they have some sort of problem or have an ambition to continue their education. Congratulations to Arturo Montes for all that he has accomplished this year.

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