Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Abel N. Gonzalez, Jr. Community Center Serves San Isidro Residents

The Abel N. Gonzalez, Jr. Community Center is utilized as a multi function center which serves San Isidro area residents.  The center is utilized during the day as a nutrition and activities center for senior citizens where nutritious meals are provided.  The center staff Irma Beltran-Site Manager and her assistant Evangelina Farias work diligently to insure everyone registered receive a meal.  They also provide different activities that are geared at keeping senior citizens engaged in manual and mind exercises for a healthier mind and body.  Pct. 4 Commissioner Ruben Saenz is happy to announce that the center is also being outfitted with about 15 computers donated by different agencies to be utilized by community members and students to access the Internet for research and school assignments.  The Rio Grande City Library donated various books that may be checked and a big screen T.V.  will  be available for visitors to see news programs when they visit. Pictured with Pct. 4 Commissioner Ruben Saenz are community leaders visiting the center.  (County of Starr Public Relations Office).

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