Saturday, August 18, 2012

Local Law Enforcement Tours Forensic Unity Facility

Starr County Sheriff's Investigators Marcos Rios and Leonel Alvarez were joined by Rio Grande City Police Lt. Elizandro Bermudez, Detective Santiago Alaniz and Mayor Ruben Villarreal at Mission Hospital for a guided tour of the Forensic Program area. Evonne L. Garza, RN,CA/CP SANE Program Coordinator guided the congregation through the unit so that they could see the technology in place at the hospital that is utilized to asses rape victims. The unit is equipped to take all necessary precautions to expedite investigation aspects in a minimal amount of time. The hospital's unit is available 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. The victims are able to have all of the medical treatments performed immediately including DNA collections and all other assessments needed for court evidence.  The unit also allows for a more private setting for victims during time of duress. Pictured left to right Investigator Leonel Alvarez, Mayor Ruben Villarreal, Detective Santiago Alaniz, Investigator Marco Rios, and Lt. Elizandro Bermudez. (Starr County Public Relations Office).

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