Thursday, August 9, 2012

Paranormal Experts Produce Documentary on Local Real-Life “Haunted House”

On July 28, 2012, a Harlingen based paranormal investigation team known as 'Graveyard Shift Paranormal' led by Dan and Connie LaFave, conducted an investigation inside Rio Grande City's La Borde house, to explore what is responsible for countless stories of unexplained phenomenon reportedly accruing within the building throughout recent history.

Joining the team was Rio Grande City native Jay Villarreal, who has been actively investigating the world of the paranormal for over ten-years. “ After the death of my grandfather I began to get curious about life after death, and started to get more in depth with the paranormal. As a kid, I would walk around Fort Ringgold, and [Starr County] cemeteries with a tape recorder, and a microphone, and have EVP sessions in such areas. I didn't know that there were people like me out there and soon after moving to San Antonio, I found a group of people that had similar experiences, and had the same hunger for knowledge about the paranormal as I did. We formed a paranormal group and started our search for the unknown, and with years of investigations, we became more knowledgeable and more experienced in this field of study.” states Villarreal. Also participating in the investigation was local television affiliate Telemundo 40.

The investigation's team leader Dan LaFave is no stranger to paranormal activity, as the founder of 'Graveyard Shift Paranormal Investigations' he has investigated, and researched the paranormal/supernatural world for over 13 years. He entered into the world of the paranormal for several reasons during his lifetime, including very strong paranormal experiences he had while visiting historical haunted sites. He has previously served in the United States Air Force, and has been featured on countless radio, and TV interviews regarding the paranormal. Along with various TV, and film projects, he is the author of "Shadow of the Ghost Hunter" which was released in March of 2012. Dan and his team made their first documentary film, "Raising the Ghosts of Yorktown" in 2009.

The investigation was documented on video, and will be available for viewing on YouTube thanks to the efforts of independent film-producer Alejandro Dominguez (The Dead Explorer). The investigation is a follow-up to a similar investigation conducted by Villarreal almost five-years ago, “Having better equipment now, and a group of experienced techs (Jerry and Harvey) we were able to capture much more activity and we are happy to share this with everyone.” states Villarreal.

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