Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Starr County Olympian Honored with Key-to-City, Street Naming

The sound of Rio High School and Grulla High School  Bands, a lit scoreboard with video and live images playing, cheerleaders dancing, the angelic sound of Stephanie Rodriguez as she sang the National
Anthem, about 1300 fans and volunteers cheering added to the excitement of the event honoring Olympian Stephen Saenz on Thursday night. An awe from the audience could be heard as Stephen walked in with grandeur and poise to filled stadium.  The memory of this night will forever be embedded in the minds of all who attended. "What an honor to be standing next to him" said a mother to her children as she waited for him to autograph their program.  Indeed what an honor to see this young man who has accomplished what most just dream. To witness his humility and pride in talking to each and every person that wanted to take a picture with him and get his autograph. Stephen spoke from his heart as he encouraged the young children and teens to dream big and work hard to achieve it because nothing worthwhile comes easy was the message he relayed.  Stephen said "there's always that someone out there working harder than everyone else...I want to be that person".

Athletic Director Rey Ramirez beamed with pride as he spoke of Stephen's accomplishments as he introduced him.

Stephen was given a copy of the County of Starr Proclamation of the Week of July 29th - August 4th 2012 as "Stephen Saenz Week" by Starr County Judge Eloy Vera, the very first key to the City of Rio Grande and the sign of the street that will be named after him from Rio Grande City Mayor Ruben Villarreal and Commissioner Rey Ramirez, a flag from State Representative Ryan Guillen's Office, a plaque from the city of Escobares presented by Council Members Gloria Alvarez, Olga Garza and Roberto Naranjo.
A reception and Press Conference was held earlier in his honor at the Starr County Courthouse Annex where he was received with the beautiful sounds of Rio Grande City High School and Grulla High School Mariachi Bands, and a lobby full of fans exited to meet him.  Refreshments were provided by Rio Grande City H.E.B.

"Stephen is a young man with a sound mind and an exceptional will to succeed and he has left a lasting impression in all the young children who will forever look up to him as an inspiration and role model" said Judge Vera as he spoke to guests at the reception.
Starr County Judge Eloy Vera  would like to thank all of the residents for coming out to honor Stephen in a grand way.

Judge Vera would also like to thank RGCCISD Administrators and Staff, Mr. Basilio Villarreal Jr-Board President, Mayor Ruben Villarreal and City of Rio Grande, City of Escobares, City of Roma, City of Grulla, South Texas College, HEB, Starr County Industrial Foundation, Socialife Starr Magazine, Elsa State Bank, Bema Ice, Roma and Rio Grande City Chamber of Commerce, Zarsky Lumber Company and the Rally Steering Committee for working together to make the event a great success.  Pictured with Stephen left to right- his cousin Ruben Saenz III grandparents Ruben and Olga Saenz, his parents Ricardo and Ofie Saenz, Claudia Trujillo Hernandez-Mexican Consulate Representative, his sister Kendra and Starr County Judge Eloy Vera.  (County of Starr Public Relations Office).

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