Thursday, September 27, 2012

RGC High Cosmetology Students Learn Marketable Skills

Students in Melissa Limas’ Cosmetology Program at Rio Grande City High School are not just learning how to enhance beauty; they are learning marketable skills that can earn them a professional accreditation and money-making power.

 “This is a fantastic program because it helps students get very engaged in all other facets of their academics because they are working at something they love,” explained Limas, who has been teaching cosmetology at RGC High for 10 years. “These are skills they can use to earn money right away once they earn their license, which is around the time of their high school graduation. I have even had some graduates earn their way through college after successfully going through my program and earning their licensure.”

 “Any student can be part of the program as long as they are willing to put in the hard work and dedication because it’s a two year course that requires students to complete 1,000 hours of instruction and hands-on lab work in order to qualify to take the licensure exam,” she continued. “That could cost students quite a lot if they had to pay out of pocket, but it’s all free career training offered by the high school. Not everyone can take on the responsibility and only students who really love it, have patience, discipline and determination succeed.” 

RGC High students are jumping at the chance to learn these skills because they see the benefits of learning marketable skills in high school.

 “My mom is a cosmetologist and I see how much she loves her work and I want to be the same way,” expressed senior Karen Flores. “I already have people that want me to do their hair regularly. Also, there will always be work if you develop a clientele and that’s why I am working hard to take my licensure exam.”

“My mom and sister are cosmetologists and they have been encouraging me to do it because it can be a great career,” said senior Karina Gracia. “There are so many things you can do with it, but it requires a lot of studying and hard work. You have to be determined and you have to be good at science. Much of what we do involves knowing and executing science so that’s an important knowledge set to have.”

 According to Limas, starting pay for a cosmetologist depends on how hard a person wants to work, but it could be as much as $45,000 a year.

 “It depends on the development of your interpersonal skills and your leadership in helping guide the clients, and those are skills we also teach here,” she said. “And the career options don’t end at working at a salon; you can own your own business, become a product representative, go into management at a product company or build off of this for public relations, marketing, fashion merchandising, business, there’s just so many career paths this can lead to.”

 “Two of my sisters took this program and one of them stayed with this profession. Now she has her own salon and makes around $60K a year so I think this is a good money making opportunity,” said senior Celia Hinojosa. “I will earn my license when I graduate and I can work with my sister. And maybe I will open my own salon in a few years and become an entrepreneur. I love hair designing and coming up with new ideas so this is a good opportunity for me.”

For additional information about Rio Grande City High School’s Cosmetology Program contact Limas at 956-488-6000 x7018.

Photo caption: Rio High student Elizabeth Celaya practices her skills on her peer Karen Flores before a recent skills assessment in the school’s Cosmetology Program.

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