Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Los Nuestros Educational Scholarship Foundation awards 59 scholarships

The Los Nuestros Educational Scholarship Foundation was founded and established with the generous contributions made by our educators and staff. The intent of the scholarship is to provide an incentive for all qualifying students enrolled in Rio Grande City High School in their pursuit to advance to a post secondary education institution. Throughout the course of the year, employees can contribute through payroll dedication or make a one time donation. These funds are then collected and given to the students in form of a scholarship to be used for university fees, housing, or personal expenses acquired while attending an educational institution of their choice. The scholarship guidelines and criteria are geared towards rewarding the hard work of a well rounded student that has kept a grade point average of 80 or better and at the same time have participated and volunteered in civic and community organizations as well as extra-curricular activities. All students who meet the criteria can apply and do not have to be of any relation to a school district employee.

The foundation has awarded over $260,000.00 to very special and worthy individuals. Scholarships are awarded equally among recipients.

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