Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Guillen Speaks at Roma ISD Ceremony

State Representative Ryan Guillen (D-Starr) stands with Roma ISD Superintendent Jesse O. Guerra, Jr., School Board President Arturo S. Perez, School Board Vice President Dr. Raymond P. Mussett, School Board Secretary Roque Rosales, and school board members Nicolas Garza, Jr., and John Clyde Guerra at the Roma Performing Arts Center for the school district's General Meeting on Aug. 15. Rep. Guillen spoke to a group of approximately 500 people at the event, which was comprised of teachers, counselors, nurses, librarians, and administrators. The Representative's speech at this opening ceremony emphasized the importance of investing in public education and the need to provide students with greater educational opportunity. (From left to right: Jesse O. Guerra, Jr., Roque Rosales, Arturo S. Perez, Ryan Guillen, Nicolas Garza, Jr., Dr. Raymond P. Mussett, and John Clyde Guerra)

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